Misleading Lawyer Advertisements on the Television

attorneyI have travelled to different parts of the country and always get amused by the lawyer ads which get featured on every local station. Finding such ads are not that difficult as one has to juts torn on the television during mid-day. Majority of the commercials are stuffed with brainless litigants and unfortunate judges ready to capture the minds of people sitting and watching the television during that time.

There are quite a few ads that I’ve come across where I couldn’t find any point behind the airing of such ads. However, I feel happy that television advertisements in Florida are screened and then approved through Florida Bar. During my New Orleans stay, I came across one ad where one woman standing on ladder is seen desperately trying to grab books from shelf. Suddenly she falls and well suited man appears and hands over his business card. The man states that by hiring him she can get ample money.

Similar to this ad, there is another advertisement which I witnessed while in Texas. A woman is seen in arm cast and does not appear to be hurt too badly. A man appears stating his name as Dewey Cheatham and assures the woman that she can get loads of money by his expert legal guidance.

These TV advertisements are absolutely not a requirement for lawyers who are capable of doing their work efficiently and sincerely. Such advertisements spoil the reputation of lawyers who are good at their work.

Picture credit: SXC.hu