How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus Scams

How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus Scams

Old schemes during the coronavirus pandemic take on a new look, so it is important not to lose vigilance.

Buy a miracle remedy for coronavirus

Fraudsters on the Internet offer to buy “miracle drugs” from COVID-19 or conduct rapid tests for the presence of the virus.

How not to get caught

Remember that medications and vaccines for coronavirus do not exist yet. When they appear, you can get them at medical facilities as prescribed by a doctor, and not from dubious sellers from the Internet.

WHO warns

Fraudsters send out emails allegedly from the World Health Organization. In them, people are encouraged to follow the link to find out the latest information about the epidemic or to make a donation to victims of the coronavirus.

The user clicks on the link and gets to the phishing site. If a person enters personal information on it, it turns out to attackers who can use it to steal money from personal accounts.

How not to get caught

Do not follow links from unfamiliar senders. Check email addresses and be attentive to the URL: a single letter can distinguish a real web resource from a phishing one. You can get up-to-date information from WHO yourself on its official website or in accounts on social networks.

We will refund the money for tickets

Due to the pandemic, many flights were canceled. People want to quickly return the money for the tickets, and right away there were scammers who decided to take advantage of this. They call on behalf of the airlines, offer to transfer funds for the canceled flight and ask for the name of the bank card, three-digit code on the back and password from the message. And then, having this data, they can transfer money from your card to another account.

How not to get caught

Do not tell anyone your CVC bank card and confirming SMS codes. To transfer money to your account, this information is not needed, only scammers try to get it. If you are being called on behalf of an organization, ask the other person to wait and drive the phone number into the search engine. Or interrupt communication and call back to the number indicated on the official website of the company.

Picture Credit: Unsplash