Food Poisoning, a messy subject

Personal injury attorney point of view on and food poisonin
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There certainly are some most difficult food poisoning cases that I have come across in my career so far, of which I will share one.

One of my clients, who was yet in the early twenties, owned a business in car detailing. His work was such that he could set hours for himself. It was on particular day when he slept late into the morning and woke up before lunch time. The previous night he did not have anything for dinner, and he was hungry then. His work consisted in fleeting and drying the cars and it took him very little time to wind up the complete job.

When he was finished with his work, it was already mid-afternoon and since Jerry had not taken anything since the previous night, he was really hungry. He halted by the fast food counter and ordered a cheesy hamburger. However, it did not taste too normal. Without giving it a second thinking, my client kept the rest of the burger in his bag.

Little time had passed when he had started feeling eerie. His stomach had started churning, and he thought to skip his next car wash. He felt strongly to be in the bed and drove back home fast. He felt nauseous and also had a bed headache. Jerry felt really sick in very short time.

His girlfriend had already dialled 911 and the paramedic had arrived and preserved some mess for future testing as to what was it that brought severe sickness to him.

As jerry pointed out toward the remaining portion of the burger on his car-seat, the paramedics scooped that up. Jerry had remained in the hospital for full two days due to food poisoning and cute dehydration. The epidemiologist of the County had tested the meat which was contaminated.

Here were bills for the two-day stay at the hospital and there was no insurance on his health. A lawyer with sufficient knowledge and experience can only undertake such cases, as giving Jerry a compensation for the suffering and the missing 10 days of work.

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