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Our Mission The Ticktin Law Group is a business and is run as one. We provide legal service of many varieties, and that is all we do. Just as we advise our business clients, we encourage the making of a business plan, which always starts with objectives. Goals are everything. Yogi Berra once said: "You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there." Part and parcel to the Goal is the Mission Statement. The Goal gives direction and the Mission Statement refines it. Ours is simple, and has 2 parts. Part I The Three C’s Our Three C’s are: Creativity, Cost Effectiveness, and Communications. 1. Creativity: This is an attribute which enables us to give superior legal work. Look at the "Our Cases" section to see how we have been on the cutting edge of the law in numerous cases. This is an attribute which one either has it or lacks it. Not only do we have it, but we hire for it as one of the attributes we seek in our lawyers. 2. Cost Effectiveness: We are continually re-inventing ourselves to improve our processes and make legal service available in a cost efficient manner. This requires an atmosphere and culture which puts the clients first, before the interests of the lawyers. We accomplish this by utilizing technology as fully as possible, while making it a point to encourage and reward the right attributes in our lawyers. While most law firms reward those lawyers with the highest number of hours billed, we reward our lawyers for winning their cases, and never ever reward an attorney or castigate one based on the number of hours billed. Our interests are aligned with those of our clients. This culture not only causes direct motivation to succeed, but it causes a secondary benefit, in that our office is one where the attorneys actually work together in peace and harmony. We do not have a 60 hour per week lawyer as more valuable and therefore in a position to speak down to a 40 hour per week lawyer. It just never happens here. 3. Communications: This means that we return telephone calls. It is typical in law offices that attorneys are sometimes awful at returning telephone calls. This is natural, as they are running to court, depositions, hospitals, meetings, etc., etc. and they are often away from their computers. To counter this, we put systems in place to assure that the attorneys return calls. Also, we have other systems which help. For instance, whenever a document is filed in court by either side, or a letter is sent or received in your case, a copy goes to the client by email to keep the clients in the loop. This is vital. Part II Integrity Our lawyers are all told on hire that The Ticktin Law Group endeavors to live up to the ideals of the new lawyers who first graduate from law school. Most law students had dreams of becoming a lawyer before they started law school. They never imagined the pressures on them to exaggerate billing, to have a witness lie, to get nasty to opposing counsel or a judge. Unfortunately, these dreams are often dashed by the realities of the real world in many law firms. We maintain a level of professionalism and the pride which goes with it where we are unfaltering, as any deviation from our norm would stand out with repugnance. Creativity, Cost Effectiveness, and Communications. Over and above corporate work, contract drafting, legal advice, business litigation, and intellectual property, we also provide legal services for matters including wills, trusts, and estates, real estate closings, help for those facing the threat of foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, and personal injury. First, unlike the typical responsive approach, we are proactive. We first define your goals and then implement a plan to accomplish them. We treat each problem as an opportunity to find a ...

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