The Court Blocked a Presidential Decree on the Reduction of Funding for Cities

The Court Blocked a Presidential Decree on the Reduction of Funding for CitiesPosition in relation to illegal immigrants will not affect the economy of administrative-territorial units. On Monday, the Federal Court of San Francisco blocked a decree by Donald Trump on reducing funding for refuge cities.

District Judge William Orrick recognized the presidential administration’s ruling as unconstitutional, ruling that Donald Trump was not allowed to change the conditions for expenses approved by Congress. The decision was made as part of the lawsuits filed by the districts of San Francisco and Santa Clara.

Let’s remind that earlier the government declared about the termination of allocation of federal grants for cities and districts which refuse to co-operate with immigration police, actually protecting illegal immigrants from consequences of rigid policy of Trump.

Under the order were New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Seattle, Detroit, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Denver, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Salt Lake City, San -Diego and many smaller cities.

In April Orrik temporarily suspended the decree, but the presidential administration appealed the decision in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

In early October, the Ministry of Justice issued a final warning to violators, informing them that they would lose funding in the event of non-compliance with the federal migration policy. However, the latest court decision completely eliminates the threat looming over the cities-shelters.

Image credit:  bloomsberries/CC