Understanding an accident and your rights

Understanding an accident and your rightsBeing in a car accident is traumatizing, heart breaking, and commonly detrimental to the well being of your personal property and/or body. But, with the right care, perspective, knowledge, and professional representation it can be a more ‘simple’ experience and one in which is sure to bring less heartache.  Obtaining the right personal injury attorney that is going to represent you and lead you down the path of recovery and reflection from your accident isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Typically, accidents will reflect (often serious) bodily injury and/or personal property damage. Whether your accident is a total loss, or to a repairable extent can make all the difference. In example, with damages, assuming you are not at fault, you can pursue and obtain a rental at the cost of the opposing party’s insurance while getting repairs–assuming they have insurance of course. When it comes to liability and fault, if it is in fact your own, then you will need to seek (typically along with paying a non-refundable ‘deductible’) recovery and repairs through your own car insurance provider. However, if you were involved in a hit and run—or even an animal crossing your cars path unexpectedly for example, your insurer should cover these costs within reason, and/or with a deductible included. Unfortunately, it’s typical that insurance companies in general, but especially the opposing party’s, do not want to, or at least avoid at all costs paying the full price or any unnecessary or repairs or new parts. It’s typical for insurance companies to attempt to repair damages at a bare minimum level—so make sure you do your research on what’s been appraised and completed before signing that check.

When it comes to vehicle accidents, its essential, should you feel necessary or possible to have sustained personal-injury, to seek out medical treatment immediately. This is not only for your own best interest and health, but also for the sake of creating a paper trail of accountability in lieu of possible injuries caused by the vehicle accident.

A few options for medical treatment and coverage after an accident

  • Personal Medical coverage through your Auto Insurance
  • Uninsured Motorist coverage
  • Personal Health Insurance Policy

It’s important to seek out and obtain a personal injury attorney accordingly. That is, because it’s common for insurance companies to be difficult in providing your much-deserved vehicle damage-costs. Commonly, the same often applies to their lack of willingness to honor medical injury costs. When trying to settle a dispute for vehicle or personal-injury damages out of court, without a personal injury attorney, it’s difficult and often overlooked to seek protection and coverage for ‘general damages’, such as psychological pain and suffering, or inconveniences—such as lost work-pay, prolonged pain (deemed reasonable) by the state, and so forth. Another reason obtaining a personal injury attorney may be helpful is in seeking financial coverage for personal-items lost during an accident such as a laptop or a phone.

Be careful to act as swiftly as possible with medical treatment (documentation), as well as vehicle-damages and repairs (documentation) as many city and states have what’s called a statue of limitations. More specifically, in layman’s terms, an acceptable threshold for you to report and seek (legal) financial recovery for personal health and or personal vehicle damages caused in a vehicle accident.

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