How many U.S. passports can you really own?

How many U.S. passports can you really own?During the court hearing it became known that the former head of the campaign headquarters of Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, there are just three US passports.

In addition, according to a special prosecutor Robert Muller, for several years Manafort submitted applications for 10 passports at once.
So, here are the answers to the questions that inevitably arise after this news.

Can a US citizen have more than one passport?

Yes. According to the National Passport Information Center (NPIC), which is a division of the State Department, Americans are allowed to have more than one valid US passport at a time.

However, as noted on the official website of the NPIC, the second passport is, rather, an exception to the rules. But the presence of the third already causes great questions from law enforcement agencies.

“This is a situation that can become difficult for Manafort,” – tells CNN Valentine Meehan, owner of the New York passport and visa service Passport Plus. The State Department declined to comment on the information on the passports of Manafort. Who can apply for a second passport?

As a rule, a second passport is given to residents who often travel abroad. So, you can apply for a second passport, if your main are visa of countries, because of which in others you simply will not be allowed. For example, if you traveled to Israel, you may not be allowed on this passport to Lebanon or Libya.

Another option is if you gave your passport for a single visa, and at this time you need to immediately go to another country. Each case is treated separately.

How often do I need to renew my second passport?

The main US passport is valid for 10 years. The second passport is usually given for 1-4 years, after which you can apply for its extension.

Image credit: cytis