Use of body cameras by police surface mixed results

12-17-2014 12-37-20 AMNew York’s Police Department could be the biggest police force in America to start examining body cameras on their officers. However, they aren’t the first one to do so. There are two different categories of camera being used presently at New York. One of these is created by Axon, the same company that supplied this technology across 1200 and more law enforcement organizations of the country.

TASER’s the main parent company of Axon which is a leader among the present body camera manufacturers. It supports the usage of this technology as the means of improving the conducts of both the public and police officers.

There was man who had died earlier during the year in July when a cop held him in obvious choke hold. His name is Eric Garner and his mother fears these cameras wouldn’t do enough to deter the cops from behaving badly. Some of the New Yorkers agree with her although the other cities received this body camera technology with more warmth.

Mentioned below are some instances which reveal how police departments throughout the country are behaving with the technology.

The largest law success story often referred by the advocates of this body camera technology comes from Rialto, California. LA suburban police department was involved in one year study to find out the effectiveness of the camera. It was back in 2012 when half percentage of the cops recorded their interactions with the civilians. According to reports from TASER, the percentage of using force cases reduced by up to 59% during the period. a

Daytona Beach Police of Florida received the backlash of the community after former NFL sportsman Jermaine Green was shot and killed. He was shot six times and the incident took place in November 2013. The video recorded by body camera was disclosed later. It displayed how player Green was attempting to kill his own girlfriend. She was held hostage before the cops open fired.

In Feb 2013, another incident featuring a woman and Sanford, Florida’s police show intense standoff at traffic stop. The video footage showed how the woman pretended to cooperate prior to a drive off and escaping on foot against the law.

At Albuquerque. New Mexico, the officers were captured of shooting a homeless and mentally diseased person at the hillside. The body cameras showed how the cops open fired when the man was reaching out to his backpack. They continued shooting even when he was lying upon the ground. As the man picked a campaign knife, this shooting was declared justified. Later, the justice department discovered that Albuquerque Police was involved in sequence or rehearsal of unrestricted force that is against the federal law and unconstitutional.

DOJ agreed with police department upon a law settlement to better the way cops use force. Another incident recorded by body cameras showed an officer using force with a drug suspect. However, it also showed hoe the cop was punched as the suspect attempted to escape resulting in the takedown later on.